Monday, May 5, 2008

hello world

This is probably the 1 millionth blog opened with the title "hello world". I'm super creative like that.

I plan on using this space as a sounding board for technologies I'm working with, including notes and "gotchas" in the process. My sole purpose is to "give back" to the blogging "community" that has been so helpful in my pursuit of eventual free time through completed work. As you can see, as well, I am also here to glorify the "quote".

A small bit about me: I'm currently an Apps Engineer for one of the largest banks in the world, (Just a touch paranoid about giving out my employer details on a blog) and I work mainly with middle tier software solutions to facilitate relatively simple technical solutions for relatively complex business problems. If you like you can check out my LinkedIn profile for more details:

I also help out at TopDogPC ( in my spare time, a local St. Paul based network services company. They specialize in Managed Services and business solutions (voip, exchange, etc.) for small to medium size companies.

I have been a "Microsoft guy" the majority of my life, (Windows, IIS, SQL, Exchange, Biztalk) but I'm by no means an evangelist. I sway in that direction when I evaluate solutions simply because it's where I have the most experience, but I've also engineered end to end solutions using alternative solutions. ( Linux, Websphere, Apache, etc.) To entertain myself I maintain a mach network @ home, and most of the things I'll probably blog about will be my experience working with the technologies I experiment with there. To add some credibility to that statement by the way, substute "home" with "lab".

And yes, I have the "lab" to impress the ladies. Har har har.

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