Sunday, December 8, 2013

Windows 2012 to 2012R2 In-Place Upgrade (Not recommended) Wipes out Network Teams, vSwitches

Preparing for an in-place upgrade. @ NFL I own the rights to this? :)

Word to the wise: if you plan on doing an in-place upgrade from server 2012 to 2012R2 be prepared to re-create all your OS level network teams. If you upgrade a Hyper-V host and your teams were used for switches, be ready to re-create those as well.

I don't recommend doing an in-place upgrade in the first place for reasons like this, but I figured I'd give it a shot on one of the hosts in my lab. Every OS level network team was wiped out, but easily recreated.

Other than this I haven't found any other in-place upgrade issues... yet, and that's why I'm always hesitant to recommend the practice. It's rare you do find what the issue are until the become a problem.

Any issues you've encountered? Leave 'em below!

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DataSupport said...

You should consider a swing migration instead: